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Living in turkey

Living in turkey

Living in Turkey

In this essay, we will clarify this vision about Turkey from where its economy, available labor and all the investors’ interest about its energy resources, economic growth, and investment environment and so on.

Turkish Economy:

The Turkish economy is considered one of the most successful economic systems. Turkey has achieved record in economic growth rate. Gross Domestic Production (GDP) tripled between 2002/2015.

With regard to Turkish economy compared to the global economic systems, it is expected that Turkey will become the most economic growth among Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development )OECD) members

As well, the Turkish economy ranks the seventh among the most powerful economic system in the world and also in sixth place among the most powerful economic system between European Union in 2015.

Because of the increase in the domestic product and the competitive power of the Turkish economy, Turkey becomes the focus of foreign investors’ attentions.

Only in Istanbul, the foreign investors are depositing more than$ 3 billion and foreign investments total in Turkey is about $165 billion.

In addition to the sustained economic growth and the economy competitive power, airlines were an important attraction to investors from where its flexibility and connection with the countries of the world and the quality of services provided. All of that made Istanbul Ataturk airport rank eleventh between the most busy airports.


The population in Turkey became about 78.7 million in 2015. Half of this population is under age 31. So, Turkey is considered the country that has the largest percentage of youth in its population

The population in Turkey is characterized by being educated, multi-cultured and active that is represented as an incentive for investors to ensure stable and successful investment and business environment.

The labor force in Turkey:

In Turkey about 733,000 students are graduated from 193 universities per a year in addition to more than 95,000 high school students about half of them from technical and vocational high schools which means the good availability of labor force.

Labor force in Turkey is characterized by being qualified and competitive. This is because Turkey has more than 29.7 million educated and professional youth which guaranteed for the investors increasing in productivity efficiency.

Open and reformist investment air:

The investment air in Turkey is characterized by being opened, catalytic and attractive for investors and it may be the reason for Turkey to become the second largest state in )OECD) with regard to terms of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) since 1997.

From this point, Turkey has become an investment friendly environment where you can build up a company through seven and a half days. Having more than 46,800 companies with global capital, get good conditions to Turkish investments which allow high investment competitiveness.

Its unique location:

Turkey has a unique geographic location which links the east, west, south and north. This location makes it an important commercial outlet and destination for more than 1.6 billion customers from Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

Infrastructure and Power Resources:

Infrastructure is characterized by being modern and accompanying technology development whether related to transportation or power resources.

When it comes to Power Resources, Turkey is considered one of the most important power stations in Europe that links East to West. Turkey is located near more than seventy percent of power resources in the world which granted to it an important advantage in the power field.



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